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Sponge Bob Museum: Shanghai 2015

The world famous Sponge Bob Exhibit!  We got to do during our lunch break at MIU Entertainment.  The Art Director, Background Artists, and some Lead Animators were with me.  Our very generous boss got us the tickets.  Thank you John!



The gift shop was almost the highlight of the exhibit : )IMG_20150615_135954 LOL, the bottom left is great. IMG_20150615_134259

This way for some fun in a can!IMG_20150615_134323You probably can’t tell but I am getting the “double – middle – fingers” from my Art Director ; ) Love you too Alex. I really like this one!
IMG_20150615_135410IMG_20150615_135442IMG_20150615_135118 Lobo (BG- Layouts) , Gujin (animator) , Wan Jie ( Lead Animator) ; all badass artists.  IMG_20150615_134313