Story 2 – Identity pt.1 Animatic


This has been an ongoing “project between projects”.  When I was working on many Consumer Insight stories at TMRC Shanghai,  I realized that I needed to make my own projects based on what I had understood of story-craft.  So I decided on 3 small stories with the themes Isolation, Identity and Vanity.  This is the Identity piece and I am deciding to divide it into sections since I am using a gif.   I will put it up on my website once it is finished as a video and I will put my thoughts and notes about the entire process as a separate post later : )




Project RW motion comic at TMRC Studio from 2013.  Here is another example of our process from storyboard rough to final.  With this project I directed other artists and I ended up reworking a majority of their work.  I really learned so much about managing people, and that it is actually much harder than making the actual artwork.  But my fav background in the whole comic is on the top.